The primary mission of the Division of Neonatology is to provide inpatient and outpatient care for infants and newborns in southern, eastern and western Styria including its capital. Around 8,000 births occur in this region ever year. The division is also an Austrian reference center for special diseases in newborns.

The quality of neonatal medicine decides the fate of a child's entire life and is also the most important factor in determining the infant mortality rate, which in turn is a sensitive gauge of the overall state of a population. The outcomes for very young premature babies serve as an indicator of how well a neonatal division performs. Achievement of a good survival rate and above all good quality of life is only possible with a highly specialized team on which doctors, committed and experienced pediatric nurses, technicians, other medical professionals (physical therapists, logopedists) and administrative staff work together harmoniously.

Medical supervision as well as close contact and good cooperation with the parents of the newborns entrusted to us are critical to overcoming problems in this phase of life.

The uniqueness and the added value of our division are the result of the symbiosis between patient care, research and education. The division is jointly operated by the Medical University of Graz and the Styrian Hospital Association (KAGes). This interdisciplinary cooperation between both providers at the University Hospital Graz site is also reflected on our website. More information on patient care can be found at the University Hospital Graz website.